Hi, I'm Jonny Buchanan, a programmer / web developer from Northern Ireland, who lives in Australia.

This is my personal website, where I keeps things I've made, and notes about things I've learnt, am learning or have been thinking about, somewhere which isn't social media, a GitHub repository or a Gist.




Snowclone text generators, e.g. create your own ░L░I░N░K░ ░I░N░ ░B░I░O░-style nonsense.

TILs from Advent of Code 2023 in til → javascript

Small things I've learnt while doing Advent of Code for the first time.

Updating browser extension translation strings in til → browser-extensions

Automating the most error-prone part of adding new translation strings to browser extensions.

The Banterbox in notes → undefined

An ongoing log of The Very Best of the Banterbox from Limmy's Twitch stream.

let over const in notes → javascript

My complete argument for using let over const.

My First JavaScript in notes → javascript

I just found the first bit of JavaScript I ever wrote^W used on my first website.