The Banterbox

Some of the most replayed portions of videos from the Banterbox 1 on Limmy’s Twitch stream.

Someone has also created a more thorough Banterbox playlist on YouTube.

Most embeddded videos will play a fixed portion, use header links to open videos in YouTube.

Table of contents

I’m not your enemy

The Joss Stone thing which makes no sense

The accent, the joke, none of it.

”Uh-uh! I’m gonna get there before I hit 20”

Limmy’s imaginary conversation with Joss Stone


This is a genuinely great clip, no notes except for these ones.

Look at the eyes, he know’s he’s absolutely nailed it, then he pops that massive 🤙 YEAH. Get it played again.

I Was Lucky

This opening bit could be counted as an unoffical theme tune for Limmy’s stream, you’re guaranteed to hear it at least once per stream as a wee palate cleanser.

Keyboard expert going up to the the black keys 🎹

The Neil Sedaka look

Neil Sedaka’s eyes going “that’ll do verrry nicely”.

Basil’s Steamin’

Basil hits the wall on the way in and plays it with the kinds of swagger often associated with the demon drink.

Brother Louie

Persil Colour Care

Picture Loans

These ads (there were others, just as bad) ended up being banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Fuck it, Picture Loans, man, Picture Loans

Bee Gees - Immortality

Corey Feldman going for it

  1. Imagine if every episode of In Bed With Medinner had Bob Mills combing over and re-analysing the same clips to the point where they become memes, with their own micro-meme moments contained within. If you want to dive further into this madness, look for any of these in thumbnails on the LimmyTwitchClipsPlus YouTube channel.

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