Control Panel for Twitter

Control Panel for Twitter is a browser extension which gives you more control over Twitter and adds missing features and UI improvements

1. Can also be installed in Opera, Brave, and other Chromium-based web browsers.

2. Edge users should consider using the Chrome version, as Edge Add-ons takes longer to publish updates.

3. Install Kiwi Browser from Google Play, then install the Chrome version.

… Works beautifully in Safari. Beautiful UI, too. Already breathing easier …
Holy crap my favorite extension knows who I am!
Even on mobile safari it's a pretty great experience. I haven't touched the iOS app since discovering your extension.
Crazy how unusable the web version of this site is without Control Panel for Twitter extension


Feature highlights:

  • Now supports NEW
  • Hides Grok
  • Restores headlines under external links
  • Reverts the main "X" branding changes
  • Calmer Home timeline by default – no algorithmic suggestions or Retweets, just what the people you follow are saying
  • Less "engagement" – view counts, trending content and "Discover more" suggestions are hidden
  • Hide boosted replies from Twitter Blue users
  • Make the UI less busy by hiding UI items you don't use, or don't want
  • Adds missing features like hiding Tweets from—or quoting—blocked or muted accounts, and muting quotes of specific Tweets

See the complete list of features on GitHub.

Don't like some of the default settings? Open the extensive options UI and configure them to your liking - your preferences will be applied as you change the options.


Desktop Home timeline
Desktop Tweet
Desktop extension settings (Chrome version)
Mobile Home timeline
Mobile Tweet
Mobile extension settings (iPhone version)

Safari version Frequently Asked Questions

macOS / iOS

I just downloaded Control Panel for Twitter from the App Store, why is it not working?

Safari browser extensions require you to manually enable settings to allow them to run. After installing from the App Store, you need to:

  1. Enable the extension – the Control Panel for Twitter app which opens after installation has a button which will take you to the appropriate page in Settings. Use it to toggle the extension on.
  2. Give the extension permission to run on Twitter – change the website access permissions for and to "Allow".

For an example, watch this video of enabling Control Panel for Twitter on iPhone.


I opened Twitter using a bookmark I added to my Home Screen - why is Control Panel for Twitter not working?

Safari doesn't currently allow browser extensions to run in Home Screen Web Apps. Open Safari then navigate to Twitter normally.

You can use the Shortcuts app to create your own shortcut to open Twitter in Safari. For an example, watch this video of setting up a Twitter shortcut on iPhone.

View step-by-step instructions with screenshots
Open the Shortcuts app
Tap +
Tap Add Action
Tap Apps then Safari
Tap Open URLs
Tap the "URL" placeholder
Type and tap Done
Long-press the shortcut and tap Rename
Rename to Twitter and tap Done
Long-press the shortcut and tap Share
Tap Add to Home Screen
Tap Add
The shortcut should now be on your Home Screen
You'll be prompted for permission on first use
Your shortcut should now open Twitter in Safari

How can I make this banner go away?

Open in the X app banner on Safari

This is a Safari feature we have no control over - to get rid of it, you have to uninstall the official "X" app.


For updates and support follow, Tweet or DM @ControlPanelFT.

If you've found an issue, would like to contribute code or a translation for a new language, or just want to view the source, visit the GitHub repository.